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Technology is a big part of my life as it's been my hobby and my career for most of my life. But I do have a life outside of technology. I moved to Southern California from Houston in 2011 and since then have made the most of the SoCal lifestyle. I spend as much time as I can outdoors which comprises mostly running, with a game of tennis now and again. I am trying to get into cycling but have been discouraged by a couple of embarrassing falls πŸ˜₯

I enjoy riding my motorbike (KTM SuperDuke 990) and working on my car ('96 Porsche 911). It's fair to say cars and bikes are my third passion after my family and technology. I am married to my best friend who I met in college and we have a beautiful daughter who is the coolest kids I know. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than sitting at home with my family with my MacBook on my lap πŸ™‚

Most of the other stuff I am into is pretty standard. I like to travel, anywhere with a beach works best. I like to cook fancy food, mostly because I like to eat fancy food. I like old watches, new cars and expensive beer. I don't watch TV but I love movies. I like cats and dogs, tea and coffee but neither Coke or Pepsi πŸ˜›

As a kid I liked Bruce Lee movies and I've done martial arts on and off since I was twelve. I constantly think about trying yoga, but I never get around to it. I eat healthy and take lots of supplements, because I don't like going to the doctor. I am proud of the fact that our household is prescription medication free (that's probably not a big deal to you if you don't live in America). I truly believe sugar is the devil, but we still hang out from time to time 😈

Apart from my regular day-job consulting, my latest interests are writing this blog, getting my Linux SysAdmin certification from UCI and learning UNIX in the form of SmartOS.

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