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cloud.LA SmartOS Dataset Mirror

We are now hosting a SmartOS Dataset Server that mirrors the official Joyent datasets as well as various community datasets from Our server is hosted at Switch in Las Vegas which is the same datacenter as Joyent, so performance should be comparable with their servers. The main reason you may want to use this mirror is to get high speed access to the datasets from which are hosted in Germany and can be a little slow, unless of course you're in Germany  🙂 We also consolidate official and community datasets so you can get both from a single source.

You're free to use the cloud.LA SmartOS datasets server, and a shout-out in the comments or on Twitter would be great 😉

If you're interested in building and hosting your own dataset server please refer to the links below. Even if you're new to SmartOS you'll find the setup process relatively trivial. If you're a Project FiFo user and would like FiFo to pull from the cloud.LA datasets server please edit the 'datasets:' line of your Jingles config file at (/opt/local/fifo-jingles/dist/scripts/config.js). Our dataset server URL is

This is the open source project that powers the dataset server:

This is a great how-to on setting up your own dataset server:

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