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  • Sometimes after a XenServer restart you might find your host takes a long time (many minutes), to exit maintenance mode. This can be indicative of a problem syncing with the master server, but before you go ab […]

  • I though I would write a quick article covering this error as I have not found this issue documented anywhere online and the error is not descriptive enough to hint at the cause. The articles online will have you […]

  • This quick tutorial covers how to create a custom login banner, or what’s formally called ‘message of the day’ or MOTD in the Unix world. This will help you more easily identify what host you’re logged into and […]

  • As hard drives have become more and more commoditized and prices per TB continue to drop, manufacturers are under immense pressure to find ways to differentiate their drives and establish better profit margins. […]

  • The expected method for managing VM IP addresses in SmartOS is an orchestration system like Joyent SDC or Project FiFo, but both these systems have enough of a resource overhead that some people may choose to run […]

  • The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro is an excellent router if you’re looking for carrier grade performance at a fraction of the price of Cisco or Juniper. It uses standard DIMM memory, so you can use the EdgeRouter Pro […]

  • I am probably not the only person that thinks the SSL/HTTPS certificates industry is completely contrived. There may be some value in validated certificates, but let’s face it, the average user just looks for ” […]

  • This is an abbreviated how-to on updating your SmartOS version when your existing install is booting from a USB flash drive. In this example we will be updating to 20150903T073920Z but you would simple replace […]

  • With the advent of cloud computing the need to move away from large monolithic databases becomes more and more essential. Pure cloud environments don’t scale vertically very well, so a large central database s […]

  • SSH keys are installed on your client workstation and once loaded into the FiFo management interface allow you to login to your guest virtual machines without the need for a root password. This authentication […]

  • We’re busy getting the cloud.LA presence setup at Switch SuperNAP in Vegas. This is an absolutely amazing facility. Check them out at




    Facility […]

  • We are happy to be hosting Irvine’s only node. Hosting a speed test server is an excellent way to test a new carrier and make sure our infrastructure is ready for cloud traffic. So far we are seeing […]

  • I’ve used Cogent enough times and for long enough that I do remember the times when larger ISPs would randomly shut down peering points with Cogent and everyone was making a big deal about Cogent selling last-mile […]

  • The Dell PowerEdge C6100 is a great cloud platform that can be picked up on eBay very affordably. It consists of four dual socket SuperMicro nodes in a high-density 2U chassis with 24 x 2.5″ or 12 x 3.5″ disks. […]

    • @Sean Each controller has it’s own firmware file but you should be able to use the same exe to flash it. Use the bundle above as the structure to flash the files you want by editing the batch files. Use FLASHIT to flash non-raid (faster is you don’t need RAID), and FLASHIR to flash the RAID firmware.