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Who’s writing this blog?

My name is Philip Skeete and I have worked in information technology for 25 years. My first computer was Commodore VIC-20, "the first computer of any description to sell one million units", and computers have been a big part of my life ever since. I started my career as a computer hobbyist that did system and network administration to pay for college. During this time I also worked as an application developer for an obscure development platform not worth mentioning.

Soon after graduating I left consulting and went to work for one of my larger customers as their Head of IT. In this role I was the lead technologist for a Fortune 500 company. This gave me a broad sense of technology as it applies to business and how executive stakeholders relate to technology. I had the budget to experiment with a wide array of technologies and was an early adopter of many of the precursors to cloud computing.

philip-labAfter my stint in corporate IT I founded an MSP (managed service provider) with the intent of providing enterprise class IT to small businesses using a multi-tenanted environment and leased lines from customer premises directly into our data center. We partitioned and hosted Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, MSSQL, File and Print services, Cisco VoIP and other platforms so smaller business customers could experience the benefits of enterprise technology without the CAPEX or tech support burden. Moving IT spending from CAPEX (purchasing) to OPEX (renting) was another precursor to cloud computing. I later sold my company to a venture capital partnership which I joined as partner. During my tenure as a VC my significant contribution was building and launching a successful on-line backup company.

The VC world wasn't for me and we soon parted ways on good terms. I returned to IT consulting and since then I've worked with some fanatics companies on a diverse array of projects. This has kept me deeply involved in all areas of IT, working in both management and technical roles. The chances are I am directly involved in managing systems that produce one or more consumer products you have in your house right now. I have also consulted on a number of well known technology products you probably have in your corporate datacenter.

I am a big fan of cloud computing in all its forms and iterations. I enjoy conversations about topics that involve words like 'infrastructure', and 'platform', and get even more excited when either of those words is followed by 'as-a-service". I am fortunate enough to have found something I love to do, I get to hang out with some great people and I get paid to do what I would be doing for free. For all these things I am truly grateful 🙂