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Everything You Need

for Your Presence

Ultra high performance Windows or Linux cloud servers with SSD drives.

Secure server appliances with fully integrated open source software pre-installed.

Place content as close to site visitors as possible with over 160 points of presence.

Ensure quick and reliable name resolution with ultra fast, globally distributed DNS.

Use the cloud to easily connect offices and users to shared datacenter resources.

Manage your cloud from anywhere with our intuitive management interface.












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In The

for Your Presence

Why Choose Xenigy

We have what we believe to be the simplest and most feature rich cloud platform on the market today. Our clean intuitive control panel gives you complete control over every aspect of your cloud presence.


You get enterprise class hardware and carrier class infrastructure in the world's best datacenter at a price competitive with our most affordable competitors. We love cloud, and that's what makes us so good at it.


Give us a try. Create a free account, mention us online, open a ticket with a link to the mention, and we'll give you a couple months of free service.

For Developers

For Admins

Spend more time coding and less time getting set up. If you need to deploy a cutting edge web site or application, there is no cloud platform out there faster and more flexible than Xenigy.


You can build your own application stack from scratch or select from a large library of popular open source applications on purpose built virtual appliances.


Once your site is deployed and your application is built, you can use our global CDN to make sure your site loads instantly from anywhere in the world.

We offer system architects and administrators the tools to quickly build a highly available scale-up or scale-out architecture using a wide variety of operating systems packed with all the features to ensure uptime and recoverability. Create new virtual servers in minutes as well as backup, clone and redeploy with a few clicks.


Our Enterprise features include a managed VPN and Firewall to ensure a simple and safe connection to your corporate network and a high speed aggregation point for your mobile users.

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